What is the best way to move home?

Do I book a removal company?

Should I just hire a van for the day?

Am I better of doing it myself?

These are questions we frequently ask when weighing up moving house… so I have put together this guide to help you make the best decision for you.


Pack all your belongings yourself, load, drive and unload using your own vehicle.


Cost effective

Reliable - you won’t let yourself down!

Utilizing your own packing materials


Your vehicle may not be large enough for all the items being moved

Packing and moving home is time consuming

Inadequate packing can cause damage to your valuables

Pack all your belongings yourself, hire a van and load/unload yourself.


Cheap labour

More likely to accommodate larger household goods

Utilising your own packing materials


Vehicle may be insufficiently equipped for the type of job

Time consuming

Lack of insurance to protect your items

Daily van hire cost with heavy insurance charges/deposits

Pack all your belongings yourself and use a removal company to transport your items.


Cheap labour as packing completed by you

Fully insured should anything go wrong during the move

Fully equipped vehicle for safe transportation


Cost increase

Removal company may not accept liability for goods damaged that they have not packed themselves

Hire a Removal Company who offers a packing service and can transport all your items for you.


All items safely packed and secured with high quality packing materials

Fully insured vehicle

Fully equipped vehicle to ensure safe transportation of small and large goods

Utilises time efficiently, experienced packers are able to shave time off of your removal with their experience in packing and loading

Peace of mind that your removal is in safe hands


More expensive

Trusting the removers to have the same due care and attention as you would yourself

Unforeseen circumstances could force the removal company to cancel at short notice


  • Check the company’s website – You can see from this their professionalism and what others think of their services.

  • Look for contact options – There should be several ways, landline, mobile, email. This indicates that they welcome communication with their customers.

  • Do they have links to their customer reviews – a reputable company will be proud to share their customer feedback!

  • Are they a member of sites such as Checkatrade, who check all reviews are genuine before they allow them to be published? They also visit the business themselves before allowing them to be a part of their site making sure each business is fully insured

  • Do they offer a home survey? This is where you have the opportunity to ask questions and allow them to put you at ease about their services.

I hope this guide has helped you to decide on which option is best for your home removal. If you’d like more information on the services we offer please feel free to click the ” contact us” button below



The most important step when moving home is to make sure you find a Removal Company that meets all your needs. Do your research and enquire with several reputable Removal Companies. The idea of doing all the work yourself is not necessarily the cheapest or most effective option. Remember a Reliable Removal Company have professionals who will take all the stress away from you on your big day. 

Fast Track Removals & Services Ltd will always be on hand to offer some friendly advice. So please do not hesitate to get in touch!


You can start by always asking family and friends if they have any spare moving boxes. Most people when moving always hold on to removal boxes as it can be expensive when buying new boxes and packing materials either online or within stores. Don't be shy to ask any warehouses if they have any spare boxes as most often they don't like to re-use boxes more than one time. Another great way to save money on boxes can be when you’re buying large appliances keep a hold of any large or small boxes as they will come in handy when moving into your new home.


When moving we don't realise how much unwanted items we keep a hold of in our house hold. Donate your old books, cloths, furniture, hand bags and trainers to a charity shops of your choice. If you like you can also sell your unwanted items online to generate some extra money. By doing this your saving yourself money and energy leading up to your big day. 

The above 3 tips will no doubt help you to move home on a budget that doesn't break the bank. Be patient when you’re doing your research especially when booking your Removal Company.

If you would like a no obligated quote Fast Track Removals & Services Ltd will always be just a phone call or click away! call us now on 01622 410 240


Just moving into your new property is an exciting time in your lives, But have you thought of what's next. Unfortunately we live in a society were there is a number of break ins within our community. As they say you cannot put a ''Price on Security''.

Most insurance company's now stipulate that you need a Intruder Alarm Installed within your home for extra protection. Alarm Systems are a very good way of stopping opportunist's from breaking into your new or existing home. Intruder Alarms Systems work during the day and night time protecting you and your valuable's from burglars.

Another method of Security is CCTV. This allows you to record 24hrs a day, picking up any movement from the areas the cameras have been placed. If someone attempts to break into your home your CCTV system will have a clear visual of the person breaking in and entering. You can send a copy to the police so they can deal with the situation properly.

The final thing and some may say the most important, Is to make sure your Locks are changed. Make sure you get new locks Installed but professional Locksmiths once you've moved in. 

Top 3 Places To Move In Kent


There is plenty things why you should move to one of the most important region of Kent. Sevenoaks has amazing green areas one of the most popular green areas is Knole Park.In a recent survey Sevenoaks scored very highly with health, life expectancy and crime rates at a very good level. Sevenoaks also has great links to London and other surrounding areas.


The county of Maidstone is a perfect destination for commuters looking to move away from London. Maidstone is most famous for its nightlife, restaurants and shopping experience. This is all minutes walk from the Medway River  which runs through the Town Centre. There's  also lots of schools which is perfect for families and couples moving to Maidstone. 

Royal Tunbridge Wells

Royal Tunbridge Wells is a destination that is proven to be very popular county in Kent. Royal Tunbridge Wells has a great amount of history and has been Royal for over 100 years. Its well known for its high street presents which boosts of independent owners . The Pantiles is a part that needs to be seen just a short walk from the high street.




Should Removal Companies Have Insurance

All Reputable Removal Companies should all have insurances. All Removal drivers should have a Full Driving licenses preferably clean, but a couple of points wont hurt.

All Vans should have Goods In Transit Insurance which means it will cover goods against loss or damages while in your vehicle or when sent by a third party carrier. If needed you can also take out your own cover of Goods In Transit Insurance even if its only for one item.

Removal Companies should all have Public Liability this covers damage to a person or any property damaged by negligence via the company in question. Most insurances cover a minimum of £100,000,00.

Make sure you ask the Removal Company you chose to provide these insurances  before you make any payment or arrangements with them.