Just moving into your new property is an exciting time in your lives, But have you thought of what's next. Unfortunately we live in a society were there is a number of break ins within our community. As they say you cannot put a ''Price on Security''.

Most insurance company's now stipulate that you need a Intruder Alarm Installed within your home for extra protection. Alarm Systems are a very good way of stopping opportunist's from breaking into your new or existing home. Intruder Alarms Systems work during the day and night time protecting you and your valuable's from burglars.

Another method of Security is CCTV. This allows you to record 24hrs a day, picking up any movement from the areas the cameras have been placed. If someone attempts to break into your home your CCTV system will have a clear visual of the person breaking in and entering. You can send a copy to the police so they can deal with the situation properly.

The final thing and some may say the most important, Is to make sure your Locks are changed. Make sure you get new locks Installed but professional Locksmiths once you've moved in.