What is the best way to move home?

Do I book a removal company?

Should I just hire a van for the day?

Am I better of doing it myself?

These are questions we frequently ask when weighing up moving house… so I have put together this guide to help you make the best decision for you.


Pack all your belongings yourself, load, drive and unload using your own vehicle.


Cost effective

Reliable - you won’t let yourself down!

Utilizing your own packing materials


Your vehicle may not be large enough for all the items being moved

Packing and moving home is time consuming

Inadequate packing can cause damage to your valuables

Pack all your belongings yourself, hire a van and load/unload yourself.


Cheap labour

More likely to accommodate larger household goods

Utilising your own packing materials


Vehicle may be insufficiently equipped for the type of job

Time consuming

Lack of insurance to protect your items

Daily van hire cost with heavy insurance charges/deposits

Pack all your belongings yourself and use a removal company to transport your items.


Cheap labour as packing completed by you

Fully insured should anything go wrong during the move

Fully equipped vehicle for safe transportation


Cost increase

Removal company may not accept liability for goods damaged that they have not packed themselves

Hire a Removal Company who offers a packing service and can transport all your items for you.


All items safely packed and secured with high quality packing materials

Fully insured vehicle

Fully equipped vehicle to ensure safe transportation of small and large goods

Utilises time efficiently, experienced packers are able to shave time off of your removal with their experience in packing and loading

Peace of mind that your removal is in safe hands


More expensive

Trusting the removers to have the same due care and attention as you would yourself

Unforeseen circumstances could force the removal company to cancel at short notice


  • Check the company’s website – You can see from this their professionalism and what others think of their services.

  • Look for contact options – There should be several ways, landline, mobile, email. This indicates that they welcome communication with their customers.

  • Do they have links to their customer reviews – a reputable company will be proud to share their customer feedback!

  • Are they a member of sites such as Checkatrade, who check all reviews are genuine before they allow them to be published? They also visit the business themselves before allowing them to be a part of their site making sure each business is fully insured

  • Do they offer a home survey? This is where you have the opportunity to ask questions and allow them to put you at ease about their services.

I hope this guide has helped you to decide on which option is best for your home removal. If you’d like more information on the services we offer please feel free to click the ” contact us” button below